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  24 February 2018
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Chisinau MD-2001
33 Ismail street
Phone: 0 800 500 20, For international calls: (+373 22) 500-200
Fax: (+373 22) 54-88-27
Support Card 24/24 (+373 22) 500-220
E-mail: info@ecb.md, antifrauda@ecb.md
Telex:163278 ECBMD MD
F/C: 1002600020056
VAT: 0204705



EuroCreditBank represents new electronic service, a system of electronic distribution of financial information through the channels of Internet protected electronic mail.

•  Do you want to receive on-the-fly information regarding your accounts in EuroCreditBank directly to your Internet electronic mail box and not to bother about its confidentiality?

•  Do you want to be informed about situation of your account in EuroCreditBank being in business trip or on vacation or to receive other useful for you information from the Bank?

•  Do you want to select convenient layout and language for abstract received from the bank?

If yes, the ECB-eMail is just what you need

What kind of opportunities and advantages You'll get from ECB-eMail?

Mobility and operational efficiency.

All information needed by the Client is transmitted via Internet electronic mail channels.

Accessibility and operational efficiency of receiving information regarding account in EuroCreditBank is determined now only by accessibility of the Internet mail box. Modern Internet technologies make possible receiving access to your mail box from any place of the world all day long and for 365 days per year.

You can receive now information from your account in EuroCreditBank on time, being even in business trip in other city or country. In case of necessity, information regarding accounts may be sent to several addresses .


Special attention in ECB-eMail is paid to information exchange confidentiality.

To protect from unauthorized reading and authentication all messages are encoded and signed by the electronic digital signature. Each subscriber of the ECB-eMail system gets a special encoding keys generated by the Bank. Keys are stored on floppy disc; the access to them is protected by the password. Thus, only a person possessing the floppy disc with keys and knowing the password can read the information. Using in the system of modern widely recognized cryptographic algorithms and P-keys with length of 2048 bits excludes any possibility to breach information exchange confidentiality, even if the electronic letter is got in strange hands.

Flexibility and commodity

Selection of layout and language to present information.

On the Client's request, distribution of information may be performed in preferable language (Russian, Romanian, and English) and any convenient layout: HTML, TXT.

Usability and availability

To work with ECB-eMail you do not need any supplementary software skills. Client works with the usual mail program, for example MS Outlook Express, Netscape Communicator, The Bat!, Eudora, etc.

When registering, Bank provides the Client with small utility program (it is on the same floppy disc with keys) which is added-in into operating system and started automatically by the mail program while reviewing messages from the bank. This program using keys and password decodes bank's messages and loads them in a matter of layout to the program-browser, for example Internet Explorer, Notepad.



Corporative client - packet proposes to receive four times per day an abstract regarding account with all annexes in a matter of accumulation of resources via the NBM's electronic payments system and other communication channels. Extended abstract is on Monday 07:00 for Friday and from Tuesday until Friday for the last day. Abstract for the last day regarding account in leis on 09:30, 12:45, 16:30 and account in currency on 11:00, 16:30.

Small business - regarding this packet the Client receives once a day the abstract with the annexes, two times per day remainder of the accounts. Extended abstract is on Monday 07:00 for Friday and from Tuesday until Friday for the last day. Remainder of the accounts on 12:45, 16:30 every day.

Private person - regarding this packet the Client receives abstracts only having flow in its account. Extended abstract is on Monday 07:00 for Friday and from Tuesday until Friday for the last day.

For each Client might be drawn up "personal packet" (taking into consideration delivery frequency, multilinguality, and layout of documents).


Client installs in its computer program to decode files received via electronic mail. Installation is performed in dialog mode convenient and common for the user in any language: Romanian, Russian.


Tariffs for electronuc services legal entities

Did You know ...

Utilizind sitema ECB-Online, puteti sa indepliniti 90% din operatiunile cu banca de la oficiu, pe linga toate acestea facind economie de timp.


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