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  23 April 2018
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ECB-Online- is a programmed complex designed to prepare and exchange electronic documents between the Bank and Client.

ECB-Online system allows the BC EuroCreditBank S.A. client to transmit and receive financial information in electronic form, using computer in your office or home, printing paper copies of the documents in conformity with the requirements regarding relevant documents of the National Bank of Moldova, and also documents evidencing, and archiving.

ECB-Online system is equipped by multi-stage protection and information authentication system designed on the basis of safety cryptographic algorithms and protocols which guarantees confidentiality and safety of information exchange providing that the Client respects the rules of ECB-Online system maintenance.

What can you obtain installingECB-Online system?

•  You can minimize your visits to the Bank;

•  Possibility to manage your account in EuroCreditBank from any place of the world;

•  Possibility to obtain rapidly information regarding state of your account, form request about accounts flow and resources for any period of time, obtain annexes to the abstracts regarding accounts, and the whole in the real time mode all day long and for 365 days per year;

•  Obtaining of currency rates of the NBM, confirmation of the international transfers via SWIFT system and other financial information you may need;

•  Documents processing system developed and convenient which allows rapid introducing payment documents and forming their paper copies;

•  Here disappears the necessity to trace correspondence of content layouts and payment documents print forms with the requirements of the legislation of Republic of Moldova taking into account its modifications. It is the Bank's concern now;

•  Reducing of number of errors when forming payment documents on account of verification of documents requisites by bank reference manuals;

•  Possibility to trace all stages of the document life-cycle from its introducing until execution by the bank;

•  Registration of accounting information regarding document (date and time of introducing, operator's name, etc.) which allows in case of necessity restoring the whole history of creation of the document;

•  Adjustment of evidence and carrying out the archive of the bank documents, performing of search and selection of documents for a determined period;

•  Acceleration of your documents' processing in the Bank;

•  Communication means developed and convenient which will presume you to exchange documents with the Bank by single push of the mouse button;

•  Guaranteed protection of documents (encoding and use of electronic digital signature) from forgery and unauthorized access;

•  To installECB-Onlinesystem in your office you have no need to be a professional in the domain of computer science, and all you need is a computer, modem and an account in the Bank;

•  At last, you save you time to work with Bank and can spend more time doing something else, important for you and your business.

System of electronic exchange of financial informationECB-Online proposes to the Client a possibility to form and transmit to the Bank via electronic communication channels types of documents as follows:


  • Payment orders regarding Client's resources transfer to other persons in Moldavian lei;
  • Treasury payment orders;
  • Documents of free layout;
  • Payment order currency (with the confirmation on paper support);
  • Currency Buying/selling;


System of electronic exchange of financial informationECB-Onlineallows to the Client forming different requests and receiving on-the-fly from the Bank information as follows:


  •   Personal Computer, VGA Monitor;
  •   Microsoft Windows operating system;
  •   Matrix or Laser Printer;
  •   Access to the Internet.

Employees of the Automatization Department will consult you with pleasure.


Tariffs for electronic services

Did You know ...

(EN)Dispozitia de plata predata Bancii prin sistema ECB-Online va costa de 2 ori mai putin.


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