Deposits for legal entities

CB "EuroCreditBank" JSC receives DEPOSITS from legal entities in: MDL, USD and EUR in conditions of maximum advantage for the client.

The Bank operates under a flexible system of steering the percentage rates depending on the size of the deposit and the placement term. At the same time, the depositor is guaranteed the size of the accumulated percentages, which will correspond to the maximum rates of the attracted funds existing on the banking services market.

The interaction between the Client and the Bank that results as a result is a bilateral deposit contract, which is made up by the bank's legal department and which, in turn, guarantees and defends the interests of both parties.

At the maturity of the deposit, upon the conclusion of the Contract for a new term, the client has the possibility to supplement the deposit account with a new amount, the limit of which is not set. In the case of the opening of the sight deposit in lei, the financial resources can be entered by transfer without limiting the maximum amount.

The information on the interest rate change is brought to the attention of the publications in the press, placements on the                                    CB "EuroCreditBank" JSC , as well as on the WEB of the