Formula de calcul a ratelor de dobândă

Formula for calculating interest rates, conditions for changing interest rates and informing customers

The interest on the deposit is calculated daily, based on the actual daily balance of the deposit recorded in the deposit account, starting from the day following the day of the deposit, until the day preceding the day of the refund of the amount deposited. The basis for the calculation is 365/366 days per year.

Formula for calculating interest:

                 interest rate %     n

    Interest = Balance  x -------  x -----

                               100%         N


balance (lei) - the balance of the deposit on which the interest is calculated;

interesr rate % - the percentage interest rate set by the bank for the respective deposit;

n-number of days of storage of the deposit;

N-the number of days in the year.

For example:

At the 6-month term deposit account, at the interest rate of 6% annually, in the amount of 100,000 lei, opened on October 1, 2014, the calculated interest will be: 2991.78 lei.

                                6%       182

2991,78 = 100000  x -------  x ------

                              100%       365


for October – 493,15 lei;

for November – 493,15 lei;

for December – 509,59 lei;

for January – 509,59 lei;

for February – 460,27 lei;

for March – 509,59 lei;

for April  – 16,44 lei.

The bank undertakes in case of unilateral change of the interest rate on the deposit - to inform the Depositor at least 15 (fifteen) days before the date of application of the new interest rate, by placing the respective information on the information board in the bank's operations room and on the Bank's website.