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Western Union


"Western Union" is an international money transfer system intended for individuals, a world-famous service with more than 355,000 service points, in over 200 countries.

 Currency of transfer:
 Western Union offering the posibility to send money transfer in US dollars and euro, and to receive money transfer in US dollars, Euro and MDL.

 Advantages of Western Union money transfers:
• Within a few minutes after sending, the funds are available for delivery to the recipient, in accordance with local time and the program of work of the Western Union agent;
• The transfer fee is paid only by the sender;
• Provides an extensive network of points of service;
• A simple procedure for obtaining money. You do not need a bank account.
 To send a money transfer:
• Apply to CB "EuroCreditBank" JSB with a valid identity card;
• Inform the operator about the exact: Name and surname of the recipient, the country to which the transfer is sent, the amount and currency of the transfer.
• Provide the transfer amount and commission amount;
• Inform the recipient of the transfer control number.
 To receive a money transfer:
• Apply to CB "EuroCreditBank" JSB with a valid identity card;
• Inform the operator exactly: the control number of the transfer, the amount and currency of the transfer, to know the information about the sender.
• Sign the application for a transfer;
• Receive money from the cash department.
 Validity period of transfer:
The recipient can receive a transfer within 90 days from the date of sending the money transf
 Refund of transfer:
• On the basis of the sender's application or after 90 days, the transfer can be returned at any time, provided that the transfer has not yet been issued to the recipient.
• If the transfer is not through the fault of the Western Union system / Sender's Bank, the transfer fee is not refunded.
 Cancellation of transfer:
The client can apply for cancellation of the transfer on the date of sending the transfer, provided that this transfer was not issued to the recipient until this moment. In this case, the client returns the transfer amount and the commission amount for sending the transfer.
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